Restoring Your Good Name

Many people experience a period during their life where they become overwhelmed with debt. It happens slowly, so at first, you don’t feel it. After a while, however, when you go to pay your monthly bills and fall short, you suddenly realize that you have too much debt and not enough income to support it. […]

Understanding how your investments are performing

Understanding how your investments are performing can be tricky, as it depends on how you are evaluating them, what you’re comparing them to and where you get your information from. Your reference or benchmark can be the market state, inflation, your financial status and goals, or industry standards. There are two types of performances: underperformance, […]

World’s Best Broker Based Bitcoin Market

When dealing with physical currencies, most investors will tell you that two things are of utmost importance to them: an experienced broker and the guarantee of secure transactions with minimum chances of loss through fraud or theft.  It is to be expected that investors in virtual currencies are also in need of the same level […]


At Indigo Precious Metals, we deal in everything from gold and silver to platinum and palladium. But, we also handle precious coins. Some of the oldest coins in existence are incredibly valuable, worth thousands of dollars. But why are coins so special? Today we look at the popular, though often misrepresented, pursuit that is numismatics, […]

Payroll Complexity: Yet Another Reason to Outsource

If there’s one thing business owners hate, it’s complex problems that don’t have easy solutions. Complex problems get in the way of serving customers. Perhaps that’s why growing numbers of small businesses or transitioning away from in-house payroll to online payroll solutions. There is little doubt that the U.S. payroll system is fairly complex. In […]